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Web Developer & Freelance Writer

Michelle covers enterprise software, cyber security, big data analytics, and website development.

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4 Photoshop Alternatives for Professional Results

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing. While the price tag of $9.95 per month for a Photoshop CC subscription might seem enticing, not all website owners require the full functionality of the software every month. Many website owners or bloggers may prefer a simplified user interface that includes access to pre-designed templates and doesn't require downloading and installation.

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Conduct Real Business from Your Mobile Device

Working from an office is sometimes a luxury when you're running a small business. Thankfully, your mobile device can help you do real work while on the go. Web-based platforms combined with mobile apps bring the office to the palm of your hand.

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Tools for Creating and Maintaining an Editorial Calendar

Weebly.com - Inspiration Center

An editorial calendar can help your team plan content around your brand and stay on track. Spreadsheets are commonly used to create editorial calendars, but they aren't the only option available. Hosted collaboration platforms let your team communicate better and get reminders for upcoming content. If you're a team of one, you can use an editorial calendar to plan content ahead of time, strategize, and collaborate. Deadline reminders and task categorization can help you plan blog posts and social media promotion.

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How to Provide Great Customer Support with Content

Great customer support is an important, yet often very time-consuming part of selling products and services online. Responding to questions in a timely manner is one aspect of quality customer support. Providing answers to questions before they're asked is another. You can use content to address customer support issues early in the purchase process to create a positive experience that increases sales and reduces confusion.